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Here It Comes... Again... That Feeling


Sandy Lurins's blog... a bit of marketing, a touch of neuroscience, occasional flashes of brilliance. 


Here It Comes... Again... That Feeling

Sandy Lurins

There it is… that feeling. You’re exhilarated and terrified all at once. Or maybe you’re not terrified but your friends think you should be. You’ve let go of the solidness of the known and you’ve not yet landed on any kind of solid platform. 

Perhaps you’ve been ready for a long time and perhaps you held on longer than was wise. It’s OK, we all cling to the safety and consistency. It’s human nature. However long it took you, though, you knew you simply could not stay where you were. Forces of nature, hope, self-preservation, having grown out the skin that contained you, now propel you. 

Forces of nature, hope, self-preservation, having grown out of the skin that contained you, now propel you forward... it's time to take the next step.

Whether this last phase of your life was months, weeks, or 30 years, you feel deep in your bones a completion. Maybe at first you resisted it mightily, holding to what seemed to be your perfectly constructed reality. The yard you carefully tended, the job where you made good money or did good deeds. The partner you recognized as love. Change would be too messy, mean giving up so much. Maybe there won’t be room for all of these things to come with you, and it will mean facing a deep purging of the parts of your identity that come from what you do, the things you keep, the place you live. 

Or maybe you were more than ready. Maybe your heart was stirring a good long time and you were irritated by its whispers. Maybe you had a vision that was aching to be seen, a purpose shivering with need for expression. Whatever you’d be holding on to, clinging to, whatever was in the way is now behind you. You find yourself looking back and you keep moving on.

What did you pack and keep for this journey? Do you find yourself letting go of items that at one time seemed precious and dear? Was there a siren’s call to find your wings and your own two feet, to travel lightly and freely? Do you find yourself at times surprised by how little regret you carry with you? 

Whether the transformation you are about to undertake involves a new geography, career, partner, or spiritual growth, each step forward has the potential to ripple across all the rest. This is a “Big T” transformation, one that is carried through the roots of your very being and across the limits of the sky. You can no longer contain it once you have truly left the platform on which you were last standing. 

Like the dandelion gone to seed, you will never again be planted in the exact same place and bear the exact same flower. Your season of water and sun is about to dance and fly aloft in the essence of the seeds you carry forward, to land and create anew. As this season ends, your purpose can once again bring the unknown. Let yourself dance a moment in this wind of change, this rebirth, this eternal cycle of joy. Let your heart flutter, your wings spread, your eyes take it in. 

Then, take your next step.