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Throughout my life, I've taken many "assessments" to understand myself better: Kolbe Index. Meyers-Briggs (several times!). Strengths Finder. Wheel of Life. EQ-i 2.0. Enneagram. However, the one that has had the most impact is Fascination Advantage. Learning my FA archetype (plus pairing that understanding with Myers-Briggs) gave me an amazing gift, the missing piece I needed to leverage my Secret Weapon so I could stand out AND be much happier in my work. 

Would you like a free Fascination Advantage assessment as my gift to you?

Do You Stand Out? 

You are unique – there’s nobody else like you. You know that. You also know that you’re craving more for your life. More meaning. Having a purpose. Living a life with intention. You’re a person with a mission, something important to give. 

…so why don’t you feel like you are?

Somewhere along the way you’ve lost sight of your path. Or maybe you're heading down a new path that has you feeling lost. Perhaps you’re not anchored to what matters most for you. You may even find yourself questioning your self-compassion and what makes you unique in this world. 

How does what you experience daily impact you mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally?

Living a life with intention will cause a chain reaction, a movement, a longing for more from you and others. Your purpose has the ability to feed others and when that happens, landscapes can change.

I want to help you change your personal and professional landscapes. Whether we ever work together on a project, I want to offer you this gift, something of value that will help you connect to within. 

Create a meaningful life. Get clear about your path and own it.

I have a limited amount of free assessments, so act soon. When they're gone, they're gone.