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Marie Henrio

Marie Henrio

Prior to working with Sandy, I had done quite a bit of soul-searching but was completely lacking focus and momentum. Sandy met me where I was, and integrated all the elements of my story into an innovative personal brand concept that is truly ME. Through that co-creation process I felt both supported and challenged.

Sandy listens to act – she knew when to coach to provoke a thought and when to let me chew on a concept. I could not thank Sandy enough for the gift of empowerment she gave to me.

If you are paralyzed with the idea of creating a website for yourself, I recommend you pick up the phone and talk to Sandy.

My website was a true WOW for me, and I received overwhelming positive compliments about it. Both a web marketing expert and a personal coach, Sandy has the perfect tool box to help you out!
— Marie Henrio |
Mike Pelfini

Mike Pelfini

That you were able to develop a site that’s as cool as mine in the timeframe requested is a testament to your patience and expertise! I consistently felt heard and you honored my need for what I’m communicating on the site, and how it is being communicated, to have internal integrity and consistency. It was a real pleasure to work with you... I’d do it again in a heartbeat!
— Michael Pelfini, Consultant |
In my initial search to design a website, I found more sites that I disliked than those that I liked, so it was difficult to present Sandy with possible ideas. Despite this, she was able to choose a design that was simple, clean, professional, and presented my content clearly.

When it came to content editing, Sandy was a pro! She gently worked with me on paring down text, and helped me clearly express the essence of me and my offerings. Sandy’s a gem, and I have recommended her to many of my friends and associates!
— Linda Yach, CPCC |
Bergin University of Canine Studies was fortunate to find Sandy Lurins to help us modernize and improve our website. Sandy built a new website for us from scratch working closely with staff; explaining what was needed along the way to create an impressive new site full of information along with emotion. Sandy is professional, caring, inventive, and creative, all the while keeping in mind that we are a nonprofit with limited funds. She was meticulous in keeping within our required budget. We highly recommend Sandy!
— Denise Getz, Bergin University of Canine Studies |
Diana Elrod

Diana Elrod

Although I know I could eventually get around to making my own website, I am pretty busy between creating my art and working as a consultant. I knew instinctively that you were the right person to help me create a website that not only showcases my art, but really captures who I am as an artist.

Especially helpful to me were our conversations about what I wanted to say through my website, from which you generated a list of interview questions. I felt like you really wanted to get to know ME, how I think, the process I use, etc. I never felt I was just another one of your clients for whom you would use a one-size-fits-all template. I think you are exceptionally good at connecting with people, and it shows in the work you do and the time you take with your clients.

I am so thrilled with my website and have received many, many compliments – not just in terms of how cool it looks, but also because other people are getting to know me better through the selection of art and the narrative. Even my parents told me they learned something new about me!

I can’t thank you enough for the attention to detail and your commitment to helping me tell MY story.
— Diana Elrod |
Rachel Kertz

Rachel Kertz

After seeing the personal branding and web site you created for someone else, I was so happy to see that you were available to work with me. In just a few short meetings you quickly understood my interests and approach. I was very clear about my need to turn my site around in a short window of time and you were happy to work within those constraints.

You have a professional calmness and focus on detail, and explained just enough of the process and steps while recognizing that I didn’t want or need to be involved in the details.

In the end, my site and branding really represent me, my business and my goals. I’ve received so many compliments that the style, tone and presentation capture who I am. I look forward to working with you in the future.
— Rachel Kertz |
When I started working with Sandy, she used the Fascination Advantage assessment to jump start the brainstorming around my brand values. I found this to be a good use of our time, and it expedited the process. Sandy helped me distill my general thoughts and ideas into specific and tangible brand concepts.

I’m very particular in my standards, and I quickly learned that Sandy is a great listener—she caught everything. In our review cycles she regularly captured ideas or sentiment that I didn’t pick up on myself!

I now have a logo and a business card that I’m extremely proud of and that I regularly get complimented on. I also have a brand message that I can articulate and I’m able to weave my brand values into discussions with prospects and clients. Next, I will work with Sandy to develop my web site.
— Melinda Gonzalez, President & CEO, Melinda Gonzalez Advisors